If you need to create or enhance your online presence with video then get in touch. As experts in the field we’re the people to manage this for you, whether you need full service content creation or just the most effective delivery.We produce videos for the web.
You can also create an exciting online presence without video; our sound studio makes us a popular choice for recording podcasts!
Encoding files for web
Is your content ready for its online debut? Whether you’re encoding for podcast, Vodcast, web video, YouTube, Vimeo (you name it!), our highly sophisticated kit will encode files to your exact specification. Including and not exclusively:
  • WMV
  • QuickTime
  • Flash
  • HD and SD
  • Mpeg
Web videos are very popular and our service is the best – balancing resolution, data rate and broadband connection speeds to achieve the best streaming quality possible for your content.