At Club Digital Studios, storyboards are an integral part of our pre-production process, particularly for visually complex projects. They allow our writer, director, production crew, and client to visualize the script, and explore lots of creative possibilities, before ever shooting a single frame of footage.

Our storyboard artists illustrate on-screen talent, action, and dialogue, as well as camera perspective, composition, visual aesthetics, and graphics. We work in a variety of styles, from pencil sketches fleshed out with colored markers, to photo-realistic 3D computer renderings.

Storyboards, mood boards, and style frames give our director and production team the creative freedom to experiment with a number of different approaches, and compare the merits of each, before making their final creative choices.

Once everyone is aligned behind a single vision, that vision can be produced with greater creativity and efficiency, giving us a much bigger bang for our clients’ production buck.

Do you need a visual design for your project? Do you want to ensure smooth pre-production and production? Have Club Digital Studio storyboard your next project.

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