We deliver all genres to EVERY platform.

We have an experienced and dynamic team who can take care of content, abridgement, voice artists, recording, and final delivery for any or every platform.

In our sound studio we record voice-overs, mix them with music and sound effects to make brilliant commercials for radio and TV. Sound Designing for Films, TV & Radio Musical Content Creation
We dub TV programmes, trailers, promos and corporate videos as well as recording for other media – websites and interactive productions, DVD commentaries and extras, podcasts, audio books, training programmes, video games, voice prompts for phone systems …You name it, we do it.

Who's it for?
  • Dubbing & Mixing, Surround and Stereo
  • Voice Overs
  • Sound Design
  • Podcasts, Audio Books, Audio Guides, PA Announcements
  • Audio Restoration
  • Audio Archiving and Transfer

We can record in a variety of digital formats and deliver your project edited and mastered, or as raw audio for off site post production.

Club Digital Studios has contributed its services towards Television & radio Spot recordings, Film & Non-Film based Audio Productions, Film re-recordings & Dubbings and all kinds of Audio related production works.

To Produce all type of sound, music and sound recording for all types of films, radio & television programs, multimedia publications, internet audio, various private labels, audio cassettes and CD’s, DVD audio, etc.