Organising your wedding can be one of the most stressful, daunting yet most exciting things you will ever do. Your wedding is a statement of who you are as a couple, and you want every aspect to reflect your personality, your style and your identity together.

But when the day of your dreams becomes a reality and everything comes together, how do you want it to be remembered?

The Movie we make lovely, emotional, natural-feeling wedding MOVIES. Movies with an eye for detail and a big heart. Movies which capture so many lovely moments you’ll miss or forget. Looks, smiles, laughter, a hand on a shoulder – moments of connection between loved ones, bottled forever, in a way a still photograph can never capture.

Our passion is to make movies that are a million miles away from those cheesy three hour videothons of yesteryear. In fact most of our couples didn’t want a ‘wedding video’ at all, but then stumbled on our site or saw a friend’s Movie, and decided it was as important as the photography, if not more so!

We loooove what we do. Like… there are so many cool people we get to meet, beautiful moments we get to see, and awfully hilarious dance moves busted out. And the reward is that we get to give couples a film that we know will be one of the most significant and meaningful films they will ever see. We love it.