From Concept to final cut, Club Digital Studios is a premier Post and Production company.From commercials to feature films, we have the people, facilities and technology to fulfill your vision.Club Digital Studios is a fresh and inventive creative communications company that celebrates ideas and ingenuity.

An independent post and production house that aims to constantly push the boundaries of possibilities in visual entertainment,Club Digital Studio is fast gaining a reputation as most preferred service provider in the category, catering to the growing demands and requirements of the film, television, broadcast and advertising media.

Club Digital Studio’s mission is to facilitate its clients in achieving their creative goals. Our experienced and talented team of Creative Directors, Line Producers, Production coordinators, video editors, cameramen…all strive to bring in a unique perspective and maximum return to any project, large or small.

We have been working with clients across the Globe, helping them attain an entirely new level of fineness through our services.

The collective resume of Club Digital Studio includes an eclectic mix of the most talented and experienced names in the world of post and production including video production,sound,editing, animation, SFX, graphics, mixing and dubbing. Diversity is our biggest strength. Each of us brings something different to the table. That’s precisely why we are able to create pure magic in the digital arena.

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